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Here are some short audio samples of what we do....

Covers - Short Audio Samples
Celebration (Kool And The Gang)StreetPartyPlayDownload1759 Kb
Drop The Pilot (Joan Armatrading)StreetPartyPlayDownload1753 Kb
Forever Now (Cold Chisel)StreetPartyPlayDownload1770 Kb
Happy (Pharrell Williams)StreetPartyPlayDownload1770 Kb
I Cant Go For That (Hall And Oates)StreetPartyPlayDownload1773 Kb
Ita (Cold Chisel)StreetPartyPlayDownload1763 Kb
I Wish (Stevie Wonder)StreetPartyPlayDownload1766 Kb
Le Freak (Chic)StreetPartyPlayDownload1760 Kb
Lets Groove Tonight (Earth Wind and Fire)StreetPartyPlayDownload1763 Kb
Living On A Prayer (Bon Jovi)StreetPartyPlayDownload1762 Kb
Long Train Running (Doobie Brothers)StreetPartyPlayDownload1764 Kb
Moneys Too Tight (Simply Red)StreetPartyPlayDownload1760 Kb
Nutbush (Tina Turner)StreetPartyPlayDownload1764 Kb
Rock With You (Michael Jackson)StreetPartyPlayDownload1764 Kb
Saturday Nights Alright (Elton John)StreetPartyPlayDownload1765 Kb
September (Earth Wind and Fire)StreetPartyPlayDownload1762 Kb
You Should Be Dancing (The BeeGees)StreetPartyPlayDownload1764 Kb